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Over a decade of Excellence in Business Continuity

Inoni has been operating since 2005 with many years of risk industry experience prior to that. Our customers range from small organisations to multinationals. We have provided expertise to the finance and insurance sectors, mining, telecommunications, health, policing, airlines, manufacturing, retail, online, call centre outsourcing and many others. We are well-placed to securely and confidentially share our breadth of knowledge and experience with each new customer, so you benefit from all we know.

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Our Skills
Inoni offers a rich blend of skills, developed and applied over many years, with live projects ensuring we remain current and up-to-date. This means we can confidently address our customers’ resilience requirements, combining a detailed knowledge of standards and management systems with solid technical design, practical application and knowledge transfer. 

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Our Team
Inoni solutions are delivered by our consulting team. Each is a recognised professional in his or her own field, and trained to deliver results with or without software support. Our consulting projects range from providing a few hours of expert advice through to management training, exercises and end-to-end BCM programmes.

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Our Commitment
We are passionate about what we do and care for every customer we work with. Our success is not accomplished alone and we know it takes empathy, decisiveness and collaboration to achieve great things. By working together, we can make resilience more accessible, affordable and worthwhile.

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