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DOWNLOAD: BS 65000 – Organisational Resilience at Work

Posted by Inoni on March 10, 2016

BS 65000 organisational resilience whitepaper

Our latest whitepaper is a guide to organisational resilience as it relates to BS 65000. According to the British Standard Institute, organisational resilience is “…a strategic objective intended to help an organization survive and prosper …the ability to anticipate, prepare, respond and adapt… to minor everyday events to acute shocks and chronic or incremental change”.

Over the last few years, there has been a substantial shift in the business continuity management landscape, as the arrival of the standard has lead to Business Continuity Managers increasingly becoming Resilience Managers. Whether this is a genuine shift in business thinking or a matter of semantics is unclear, particularly since ‘organisational resilience’ is itself something of a vague term.

This whitepaper from our expert business continuity consultant John Robinson examines the definitions and applications of resilience within a modern organisation, asking:

  1. What is resilience and is there a widely accepted definition?
  2. How does it differ from business continuity?
  3. Does resilience add value?
  4. How much resilience do we need?
  5. Where does the responsibility for resilience sit within an organisation?
  6. Where should we look for guidance on resilience?
  7. How do we become resilient?
  8. How do we measure resilience?

The answers give much needed clarity and context to this complex standard, and begin to demonstrate how organisations can apply it to their industries in a meaningful way.

Download whitepaper

If you’d like to find out more about how we help organisations put BS 65000 into context, why not also download our BS 65000 sample report? The report from our business continuity software, which includes a capability maturity model, shows how our frameworks can create meaningful insights to improve an organisation’s resilience.

Download sample report

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