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A Sideways Look At Business Interruption

Posted by John Basinger on Mar 03, 2017

In my days as a Commercial Large Loss Adjuster, it was always more straightforward to estimate the size of loss for the physical damage, than the business interruption.  

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Geopolitical Continuity Planning in Manufacturing Industries

Posted by John Robinson on Feb 07, 2017

"I was recently tasked with writing a business continuity plan for a manufacturing organisation with critical production facilities close to a conflict zone.  This prompted me to write a paper about geopolitical resilience.  The organisation’s executive was positioning it for investment and wanted to be seen to be managing that aspect of risk.  They recognised the situation, the way investors might regard it and the potential need to resume in a planned, acceptable way if disruption occurred.  The focus was strongly on geopolitical risks whilst still planning for conventional natural perils. "

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Post-Brexit: What Now for Resilience and Business Continuity?

Posted by John Robinson on Jun 27, 2016

Depending on your point of view, news about the UK’s departure from the EU may represent a potential problem, a golden opportunity or a source of bemusement.  But what does it mean for organisational resilience and business continuity

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