SenseCheck Maturity Models

Use to create capability maturity models, report on organisational resilience and keep an eye on those all-important KPIs.

Take control of your organisational resilience

Change and technology together mean that unaided, business continuity managers risk being overwhelmed, and at best we get a hazy view of where we really stand. Faced with this it’s easy to lose track of where we are.

Our SenseCheck tool can be used to test for BS 65000 Organisational Resilience, to create Capability Maturity Models, or to test operational fitness against KPIs.

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Our sample report shows the SenseCheck tool in action as it tests an example organisation's resilience. Download it to see how our reporting tools can bring meaningful insight to your organisation.

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Our consultants years of experience in creating benchmarking data and comparing entities and will support your team in highlighting actionable insights.

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We are risk, resilience and continuity specialists; we use the Inoni software platform to capture and automate delivery of our constantly growing expertise.

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Inoni is a scalable online business continuity and resilience platform. We call it a platform because you can use it to build tailored solutions without code change.

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We combine your risk appetite and organisational characteristics with our expertise and automation to create a unique blueprint for resilience.

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