Business Continuity Case Study

How Inoni software and a small amount of online consultancy helped a manufacturer design, populate and run their business continuity management system

Business Continuity Planning for a playground equipment manufacturer

Posted by John Robinson on May 19, 2017

Plaground equipment manufacturer

This customer needed a Business Continuity Plan to secure their Business Interruption insurance. It was also becoming a competitive requirement now too, with public sector customers demanding best practice and competitors having recently showcased their ability to bounce back from a disruption effectively.

What risks did they face?

Their continuity risk profile was typical of many organisations based in rural areas.  Flooding due to climate change affecting long staff commutes and loss of premises due to stored flammable materials were two important concerns.

What product did they buy?

They bought Inoni Essentials S, a package which provides the customer with a license to the Essentials platform, and 8 hours of one-to-one online expert tuition.

Who did we work with on this project?

The customer's Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (HSQE) Manager was assigned to this project.  He had a broad insight into all aspects of the business and was easily able to access all the required information.

What does the software do?

The software provides an online Business Continuity Management System.  It includes single user access to tools supporting analysis, planning and maintenance. Each delivers best practice documentation including business impact analysis, risk assessment and business continuity plan. 

The software also provides extensive resources that can be included, amended or replaced at the user's discretion. Reports and plans can be updated easily to reflect change and improvement, and downloaded to any device when called upon.

What did they get with the online consultancy?

The consultancy was delivered in multiple short sessions over video link. In early sessions, we introduced the subject of business continuity, our methodology and the Inoni software platform. Next, we walked them through a cross sample set of questions, taught them how to best answer each, where the answer might be found, and how to set timeframes for recovery.  Once they had an understanding of this sample of questions, they were ready to go through the rest of the tools independently. The customer made excellent use of the ReadMe sections.  These are provided for every question within the tool, offering in-depth advice on what the questions mean and how to answer each effectively. Of course, they had further queries, and sought clarification on certain parts, which we were happy to help them with.

What were the outputs?

Simply, they are now more resilient.  They now have up-to-date documents, plans and reports, and in the event of any disruption they know what they must do to get their business back up and running, and how quickly they need to do it. 

What were the customer’s learnings?

The whole process was a lot smoother than they were expecting. It was painless. Given the low cost and restricted contact time available, they were surprised by quality of the documents produced, and the amount of detail that was in each.

They now realise how important this practice is, that business continuity is a practical solution that can support their business through disruption. So much so that it is now a board agenda item, changing their perspective on risk and behaviour.

Could they have done it without Inoni?

Because of the Inoni approach this outcome couldn’t have been easily delivered by any other company. The combined use of methodology, software and experience means we did it faster, at lower cost and to a higher quality than is otherwise available.


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