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How the Inoni Essentials M consultancy and software package helped an academic institution become more resilient

Business Continuity Planning for a research laboratory

Posted by Mark Robinson on May 31, 2017

Business Continuity Planning for a Research Laboratory

This customer needed a Business Continuity Plan to secure their Business Interruption insurance. Much of their funding comes from the EU, so it was important to demonstrate that they were a resilient organisation, and had plans to effectively recover from any disruption.

What risks did they face?

Their risks were unique. Much of their presence was in a single coastal site in the UK, in an ageing building at a rural location. Their funding relied heavily on their reputation. Their people are highly skilled, so in the event of any disruption, may find an alternative project. The biggest risk they faced however, was the fact that their whole investment was in their programme. Any disruption that jeopardised the program would have severe consequences, setting their research back years.

What product did they buy?

They bought Inoni Essentials M, a package which provides a full consulting solution supported by our software.

Who did we work with on this project?

As the risks were recognised, this project had board level commitment, and we worked closely with the CFO, the sponsor of the project.

How did we prepare to ensure the best use of time on site?

We collected as much information as possible from them in advance of the site visit, which meant that we arrived with a good understanding of the organisation structure, marketplace, supply chain and IT. This preparation means we made great use of our time on site. We knew their time was precious, so we made sure that the time we had with them was used to create solutions.

What did we do on the site visit?

The site visit involved a meeting with the sponsor, followed by a tour of the premises and its surrounding environment. We then had a series of workshops with key individuals representing commercial, operations, research, IT, facilities and HR. We discussed business continuity and how it works, impact analysis and planning. By the end of the day we had arrived at some real solutions to the big risks they face. We knew what to do in worst case scenarios.

What happened next?

After the site visit, we built what we learned into the software. We used the system to help structure the input, delivering a professional BIA and risk assessment with completely individual and totally targeted observations and recommendations. From the risk assessment we recorded scenarios, and captured and developed the strategies discussed in the workshops. From here we completed the emergency response, crisis management and business recovery plans to support the strategies.

We then had a short conference call with the customer to confirm and validate what we had done, followed by a walkthrough with all involved in the programme. The walkthrough was highly constructive and revealed changes and improvements to our original material.

On completion, we handed over control to the client and they were able to make these changes. The customer enjoys full access to the software and can update it, produce deliverables and get support from us whenever they need it via phone and email.

What were the outputs?

They now have up-to-date documents, plans and reports, and in the event of any disruption they know what they must do to get their business back up and running, and how quickly they need to do it.

What were the customer’s learnings?

Their main learning was that they were much more vulnerable than they thought they were, and were much less prepared than they thought they were. This project helped bring continuity planning to the front of mind.

Could they have done it without Inoni?

Because of the Inoni approach this outcome couldn’t have been easily delivered by any other company. The combined use of methodology, software and experience means we did it faster, at lower cost and to a higher quality than is otherwise available.


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