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The Consultant's Challenge

Consultants want to spend more time on activities that deliver higher value for them. They want long-lasting relationships with their customers and they want to make sure they are delivering customer value at all times. However, this isn't always simple to do.

  • Are your consulting days full of repetition and legwork?
  • Do you lack added-value opportunities?
  • Can you ensure consistent best practice?
  • Are you delivering top quality work against a fixed budget?
  • How do you differentiate and cope with competitors?

We can help

Inoni provides a business resilience and continuity framework that can provide bespoke automation for your consulting practice. 


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The model encourages customers to retain consultants for high-value activities



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The platform simplifies many mundane, repetitious and word-processing activities



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Customise appearance and create functionality to implement your own methodology




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What you get

  • Your own dedicated development and training environment
  • Access to on- and offline branded resources
  • Priority support just a phone call away
  • Webinars and training days to build your Inoni expertise
  • Strengthen your hand by co-bidding for projects and tenders
  • Learn the Inoni resilience methodology

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Geopolitical Continuity Planning

In the face of growing global instability, organisations need to know how to formulate their response options in a robust and workable way, ensuring business continuity.

In this paper, Inoni's Managing Director John Robinson discusses the similarities and differences between geopolitical risks and conventional continuity risks, and how to plan appropriately.

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