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Pandemic planning for businesses

Businesses need an evolving policy and strategy as the nation's response develops. To do this, Inoni has created a framework that helps you ask the right questions and develops an effective response. Our fast turnaround consulting service will design a pandemic policy and strategy for your business in under a week, with no face-to-face meeting required.


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In our experience, few organisations have a working pandemic continuity plan. Possibly this is because pandemics are seen as a rarity, because of low perceived benefit, or perhaps because of prior experience investing against previous threats that failed to materialise, for example SARS. However, in Coronavirus (COVID-19) we face the realisation of a global threat for which we should be well-prepared.


Why do we need a pandemic plan?

In the current situation, there are good reasons to have a well-formed pandemic plan:

Covid-19 has a distinct profile and a probable pattern of effect

A piecemeal response could raise the impact of transmission

We inherit aspects of our suppliers’ risk

Few insurance policies provide cover for this threat

Most of the requirements can be accommodated under the umbrella structure provided by a business continuity plan however you will need to write a specific strategy and policy to COVID-19 to prepare for and respond to its characteristic effects. There are clear steps you can take to understand the situation and create a dedicated pandemic strategy, and our consultants will help you develop this.

Our pandemic policy and response solution


COVID-19 Strategy

  • Comprehensive strategy card
  • Easy for the business to understand
  • Preparatory and Recovery measures
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COVID-19 Policy

  • Production of a temporary policy
  • Explains how the business will maintain an acceptable level of service to key customers and stakeholders whilst ensuring the well-being of staff during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, epidemic or pandemic.
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Easy delivery

  • Information gathered through a 2 - 3 hour online meeting
  • No face-to-face meeting required
  • Inoni consultants aim to deliver documentation in under a week

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