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The Broker Challenge

Brokers walk the daily tightrope of keeping all contractual parties happy whilst meeting exacting external and commercial requirements. Their mission includes:

  • Supplying Insurers with high-grade risk decision data, creating confidence that cover is adequate and that losses will be prudently managed.
  • Providing Insureds with a clear understanding of the risks they face, the value of any required business improvements and peace of mind that they have the right cover in place.
  • Gaining sufficient in-depth, independent insight into each client’s business and risk profile to make prudent judgements and satisfy Insurance Act requirements.
  • Somehow, still managing to offer something different and special that sets you apart from competitors, so you retain and attract new customers.

We Can Help

Inoni provides cost-effective resilience and business continuity management services. No doubt you’ve heard the story before, but this is different. We offer consultant-led analysis and planning supported by Inoni’s unique software platform.

Our consultants draw on real-life commercial loss-adjusting experience, so we know what works and what is required in practice, not theory. 

The software means we can work faster, spending more time on high-value aspects such as impact and continuity analysis and less on routine legwork. It makes us excitingly cost-effective.

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Broker Benefits

  • Another point of contact and an opportunity for positive client engagement.
  • A new rich source of risk information and analysis with detailed documentation.
  • Continuity plans that are easy to use and that can be shown to work.
  • Differentiation, automation and value, retaining and attracting new business.
  • Brand consistency through customisation and white-labelling.
  • Virtual expansion of your team to include our experts.

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CLIENT Benefits

  • Free resilience health check, tailored for your business with online expert system reporting.
  • Individual online client business continuity accounts, supported and managed by us.
  • An affordable annual license fee, allowing access and update at any time.
  • Multiple recipients of online business continuity plans with PDF download to mobiles.
  • Business impact analysis and continuity risk assessment survey and reports.

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INSURER Benefits

  • Insurer-orientated reporting quantifying the BI cover requirement.
  • Specific proposal-supporting data including Maximum Indemnity Period and more.
  • Certainty that clients have policy-consistent business continuity plans in place.
  • Correct BI cover + preparedness = better outcomes in the event of claims

Our People

We are risk, resilience and continuity specialists; we use the Inoni software platform to capture and automate delivery of our constantly growing expertise.

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Our Software

Inoni is a scalable online business continuity and resilience platform. We call it a platform because you can use it to build tailored solutions without code change.

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Our Approach

We combine your risk appetite and organisational characteristics with our expertise and automation to create a unique blueprint for resilience.

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Geopolitical Continuity Planning

In the face of growing global instability, organisations need to know how to formulate their response options in a robust and workable way, ensuring business continuity.

In this paper, Inoni's Managing Director John Robinson discusses the similarities and differences between geopolitical risks and conventional continuity risks, and how to plan appropriately.

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