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Join a community of independent professionals, consultancies and service providers supporting their customers with an industry leading approach to business continuity and resilience.


By becoming an Inoni partner you can expand your business opportunities through differentiation. Inoni's unique approach to business continuity through a combination of experts, software and methodology help you deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers. Read more about the three types of Inoni partner below.

Reseller   Alliance Expert

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Become a reseller Partner

Sell our software and services to your clients

An Inoni Reseller is an organisation who agrees to offer Inoni products and services to its customers. It's ideal for consultancies, MSPs and insurance brokers who want to gain competitive edge.

Benefits of being an Inoni Reseller partner

  • Deliver better results faster. Our best-practice approach accelerates the consulting process.
  • Differentiate by adding resilience software and consultancy to your product portfolio.
  • Upsell low-cost automated business continuity planning to your existing customer base.

How we support you

  • We give you training and access to our specialists, methodology and software.
  • We give you discounted licenses and fee rates to help you maximise profitability.

Who’s doing it

An IT Disaster Recovery consultancy in the UK

A Risk Management consultancy in Ireland

A Business Continuity Management Consultancy in India and the Middle East

A Crisis Management consultancy in Hong Kong

A Governance, Risk and Compliance consultancy in Switzerland

A Management consultancy in Mexico


Become a partner

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Become an Alliance partner

Expand your portfolio by partnering with Inoni

Inoni Alliance partners are organisations with whom we have a formal agreement to collaborate on bespoke programmes. It's aimed at larger firms who want to make resilience and business continuity a regular part of their offering.

Benefits of being an Inoni Alliance partner

  1. New strategic capability. We co-design an offering that fits your market perfectly.
  2. New revenue stream. We create a commercial model that benefits both parties.
  3. New competitive edge. We strongly differentiate your business using the Inoni platform.

How we support you

  1. We provide training and access to our specialists, methodology and software.
  2. We collaborate with your team to develop branding, uniqueness and customer value.
  3. We develop bespoke applications for you and support delivery to customers.

Who’s doing it

A global insurance broker

A UK national insurance broker


Become a partner

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Become an Expert

Help us deliver business continuity projects

An Inoni Expert is a qualified consultant to whom we sub-contract work. It's an ideal choice for independent individuals with experience as a business continuity practitioner.

Benefits of being an Inoni Expert

  1. Deliver better results in less time using our software and methodology.
  2. Reach more people. Share in the benefits of the Inoni brand, our marketing and industry connections.
  3. Join our team of top continuity professionals and achieve more through sharing and collaboration.

How we support you

  1. We give you training and access to our methodology and software.
  2. We generate the demand, you deliver consultancy. 
  3. We will pay you commission on any work you bring to us.

Who’s doing it already

Loss adjusters, business continuity consultants, risk consultants.

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