Our Inoni Pro consulting service features light-touch business interaction and delivery by experts, whilst leaving you in complete control

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A Business Continuity consulting service for mid-sized organisations
typically with multiple sites and 500-5000 employees

We understand how challenging Business Continuity Planning can be for mid-sized organisations. Your customers, insurers and/or regulators demand a high quality and reliable programme. But your business is of a size and complexity that makes planning complicated and even if you manage to put a programme in place, the high rate of change means it's out of date within months. And you're not quite big enough to have a dedicated Business Continuity team yet, meaning it's someone's secondary job.  

Inoni Pro is a flexible and innovative business continuity solution that will take your programme to a best practice position and keep it there. Its unique facilitation service offers convenience, compliance, consistency and creativity, combining professional expertise and automation to get the best for your business. It features light-touch business interaction and delivery by experts, whilst leaving you in complete control. 

It’s an affordable alternative to keeping all aspects of Business Continuity in-house and accelerates implementation. Plus, it’s low risk - you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Our service will:

Renovate your BCMS

Establish BC in your organisation

Refresh your documentation

Automate production

Maintain & continually improve

Provide expert support

The Service is delivered in three stages:




We review what you currently have and establish what you need. This includes defining and allocating roles to individuals, reviewing BC Policy and adapting your BC Management System so it satisfies policy and organisation requirements.



Next we work on designing the programme. We perform business impact analysis, assess continuity risks and develop plans at site, department and organisation levels. All data is configured and entered via our online toolset so it delivers a sustainable business continuity management system and baseline capability.



Then we work on maintaining and  continually improving your capability, documentation and control. This is achieved through measurement and audit, workshops and walk-throughs, training and awareness raising and updating the BCMS.

Our Approach

We are a specialist Business Continuity provider, delivering continuity plans and supporting analysis, training and exercising, all delivered by a straightforward methodology and highly configurable software platform. We configure and populate the software using information obtained by applying the methodology. By teaching people how it works, we achieve a shared consistent understanding and allow you to take meaningful steps toward a resilient culture.


Inoni is a specialist BC consulting provider, delivering best-practice continuity plans and all related analysis, training and exercising, all supported by a straightforward methodology and highly configurable software platform. 

Our approach is risk-based and reflects reality. It uses a plain language relational model that represents the organization as a collection of interrelated risk assets or entities. These are defined at a level that satisfies the organisation’s risk management objectives. The model then allows us to simulate continuity risks, exploring their effects before planning a response.

Our methodology offers a better, more practical way of doing business continuity, aligned with recognised best practice (ISO 22301) and delivering quality assured outcomes.

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The software provides savings through automation, measurement and consistency. It allows organisations to build comprehensive, practical and standards‐aligned business continuity plans and associated tools. It provides features for workflow and updating as required under a dedicated and secure company account, hosted by Inoni or from your own premises.

The software offers a unique ability to customise and configure, allowing your system to adapt, evolve and constantly improve. This means your BC management system can keep pace with change. It’s never a straitjacket and always fits the business.


We use the Inoni software platform to deliver a Best-Practice BCMS with the following characteristics:

Driven and guided by the organisation's business governance and operational requirements.

Represented by and answerable to a Steering Group (BCSG) and formal Sponsor.

Organised into response teams according to type and level of threat or incident

Implemented and maintained by business owners designated by area of responsibility.

Supporting compliance with International best practice (ISO 22301) and organisation internal risk principles.

Focused on practical necessity.

The BCMS will include compact, easily reviewed, well-explained and asset-based:



Business Impact Analysis

At business unit, location and organization levels.


Continuity Risk Assessment

At location and organization levels.


Crisis Management Plan

At organisation level.


Business Continuity Plans

At site and Business Unit levels.



For each role, scenario and incident.



At organisation level.

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