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Geopolitical Risk in manufacturing

Recorded on 13th June 2017

Following our popular paper on Geopolitical Continuity Planning, we delved deeper into the subject to help you learn how to become more resilient to global disruptions.

Sponsored by Kerry London.

In the face of growing global instability, manufacturing organisations need to know how to formulate their response options in a robust and workable way, ensuring continuity.

Having a finger on the geopolitical-risk pulse is becoming increasingly important. It fuels business risk through the effects it has on supply chains, trade agreements, availability of labour, currency, competition, acquisitions, market development, infrastructure, investment and more.

And because the rate of transmission and response will continue to grow, it means you have less time to detect, understand and respond to events than you had a year ago.

Undoubtedly, manufacturers face special challenges, with the possibility of plants and supply chains becoming non-operational without warning as disruptions spill across borders. Operational agility offers part of the solution, but often at considerable cost whilst retaining some inflexibility.

This webinar will discuss how you can use continuity plans and insurance policies to provide a flexible layer of compromise, potentially slower to enact but at much reduced cost and more capable of adaptation as the geopolitical risk profile changes. Together, they offer a powerful component of risk management capability.



The Presenter

John Robinson
Managing Director, Inoni

John is a business continuity professional with over 20 years’ continuity-related consultancy and software experience. He has provided expertise to organisations worldwide, delivering technology and business-related resilience solutions to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

GPR Article

The Paper

Geopolitical Continuity Planning in Manufacturing Industries

"I was recently tasked with writing a business continuity plan for a manufacturing organisation with critical production facilities close to a conflict zone.  This prompted me to write a paper about geopolitical resilience.  The organisation’s executive was positioning it for investment and wanted to be seen to be managing that aspect of risk.  They recognised the situation, the way investors might regard it and the potential need to resume in a planned, acceptable way if disruption occurred.  The focus was strongly on geopolitical risks whilst still planning for conventional natural perils."

Read the paper here

Kerry London

The Sponsor

Kerry London Limited

Kerry London are specialist insurance brokers. They have over 30 years’ experience working across the manufacturing sector, from small independently owned and run companies to large corporations, so have developed a deep understanding of manufacturing businesses, and the associated insurance needs.

Whether you operate from a single site or multiple sites Kerry London will source cover that aims to protect your employees and your income.  From heavy manufacturing to food manufacturing, general manufacturing, plastics and precision tooling. They will pay particular attention to safety critical activities and the development of Industry 4.0 and the associated risks with that modernisation in the manufacturing process.

As well as having long-standing arrangements with most major insurers, they are also an independent, Lloyd’s accredited broker – able to source cover for almost every manufacturing business – whatever it’s size or specialism.