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"We've found these very useful and used them as a foundation to create our baseline BCP, with minimal adaptation. Our needs are quite simple. These allow for that simplicity to be turned into easily created, working documents."

Stu Hallows, Operations Director, NexPay


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Template #1

Business impact analysis

Your Business Impact and Risk Assessment (BIA). It helps to explain how the business could be affected by a major incident and provides the basis for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) by identifying recovery times for key activities. It should be reviewed at least quarterly or following any major change.

Contents include sections and templated tables for:

  • What we can tolerate
  • What our customers expect
  • Recovering our critical products and services
  • Recovering our critical activities
  • Recovering our critical systems
  • Recovering our critical plant equipment and resources
  • Restoring our critical supplies
  • Dependencies

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Template #2

Business continuity plan

Your Business Continuity Plan or BCP. The BCP is designed to enable responsible managers to concentrate on their own area of business restoration whilst leaving issues such as recovery of data and voice links, staff welfare, staff relocation and media communication to specialists in those areas.

Contents include sections and templated tables for:

  • Emergency response
  • Crisis management
  • Business recovery
  • Product recovery
  • Operational recovery
  • Systems recovery
  • Resources, plant and equipment recovery
  • Supplier and stock recovery
  • Key contacts

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