Our unique process

Our success stems from our unique methodology and approach we use to deliver continuity programmes. We don’t talk industry jargon. We don’t take up too much of your time. We don’t overdo the delivery. We deliver a programme that addresses your continuity risk.

We run our clients through a series of short stages that are designed to understand their what matters in their business in a very efficient way. Our clients are taken on the journey with us, ensuring buy-in and a comprehensive understanding of what we have done, how we have done it, and why it matters. 

Innovating Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning is, traditionally, very paper based which means much of a consultant’s life is spent formatting documents and managing complex changes to data. Very early on we noticed an opportunity to speed things up for our team, and developed a tool that could help us deliver expert consultancy, quicker, more efficiently and more consistently. It ultimately meant that our consultants spent more time on delivering value for customers, rather than repetitive, low value leg-work.

Our Solutions

Our method, combined with an expert system to automate delivery and provide ongoing value for clients lent itself nicely to developing a set of solutions that can be much better defined. Fixed outcomes, fixed timeframes, fixed costs. This enabled us to take what we do to organisations who are looking to manage risk in their client bases (trade associations, insurers, insurance brokers, risk management agencies) and allow them to easily promote our services to them.


Our Experience

Because of these partnerships, we have been exposed to a huge number of industries. This exposure means that our team of consultants have the experience and confidence to address any risks and have become experts in understanding how bring the biggest benefits to our customers.


Meet the team

Mark Robinson, Consultant

Mark Robinson


Mark looks after commercial aspects of the business, including business development and partnerships. If you’re interested in having a chat about BCP, get in touch.

Tom Ham, Consultant

Tom Ham


Tom leads the consulting team and is vastly experienced in delivering high quality business continuity programmes for organisations of all shapes and sizes.
Sarah Jones, Consultant

Sarah Jones


Sarah is a senior consultant with extensive experience and expertise in delivering ISO aligned management systems for clients.

John Robinson, Consultant

John Robinson


John is a fellow of the business continuity institute and is the brains behind the methodology and the software that underpins what we do.

Emma Powell, Consultant

Emma Powell


Emma is a consultant who supports the delivery of our projects. She has a strong insurance and risk background.

Veena Gunalan, System Support

Veena Gunalan

System Support

Veena provides system and technical support to our clients, making sure that they have everything they need to make the most of their business continuity management system.

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