Specialist Business Continuity Planning consultants 

With Essentials, our consultants write and automate your bcp 

Inoni Essentials delivers high quality business continuity plans to organisations who need more than a tick-in-the-box, providing assurance to customers, shareholders, regulators and insurers.

Our approach, trusted by a number of leading insurers, promises delivery of the programme within 6 weeks and is designed to put little strain on your team.

Your plans will also be automated on our Inoni Essentials software for easy maintenance and guaranteed access when you most need it.

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Designed by ISO certified lead auditor

Delivered within 6 weeks

Automated plans through Inoni software

Fixed fee projects

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This service is trusted and promoted by major insurers and brokers, including:

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What our customers say:

"We found the whole process painless, which was mainly down to the skills and talent of the Inoni consultants involved who did a wonderful job for us. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them and this solution to any other business in the future."



We are a highly respected and experienced provider of business continuity services, supplying to organisations of all sectors and sizes.  We use our software to accelerate and simplify the production of business continuity plans, reducing time taken, cost and ease of maintenance. 

Inoni Essentials is a consulting service that elevates you to a best practice position quickly, affordably and with minimum disruption. Our practical but intensive workshops teach you all you need to know whilst helping us learn what makes your organisation tick. Using the data we collect, we create your baseline business continuity capability, walk you through it and then support your journey to resilience. Our programme can help you:

Win and retain customers

Satisfy audit or policy requirements

Comply with regulations

Obtain better insurance terms

Essentials supports these requirements by developing three key attributes:



Content and the documentation we supply, providing the basis for consistency, validation, audit and for use in an incident or emergency



Capability and the know-how that you retain after we complete the work. It equips your people to respond to incidents and helps you build a resilient culture.



Control ensures your business continuity management system (BCMS) is kept up-to-date and complete, promptly and easily reflecting changes in circumstances. 


We use the Inoni software platform to deliver:


Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis

Automated interview delivering analysis of stakeholders, tolerances, dependencies. Used to set recovery deadlines strategies and BCP.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Horizon-scan for continuity threats, analysis, risk register and scenarios. Used to drive and inform incident response, strategies and BCP.

Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan

Document including emergency response, crisis management, business recovery, contact directories. Used to educate, formalise, test.

Business Continuity Management System or Framework

Management Framework

Document containing statements of alignment with ISO best practice and management information, such as event logs, peacetime roles and organisation.


Our methodology offers a better, more practical way of doing business continuity, aligned with recognised best practice (ISO 22301) and delivering quality assured outcomes.




There are good reasons for doing it this way

It works. We have experience in delivering this over many years.

It’s quick, painless and practical compared to other solutions.

It’s educational and encourages ownership and capability within the business.

The solution is developed specifically for you.



Aerospace Manufacturer

“We were aware for some time that business continuity planning was important in order to protect the business and its customers against unforeseen events.  Although we had some limited plans in place, we needed to develop these plans and get more of our management team actively involved in the process.

We have made good progress in this area and have achieved significantly more than we could have done without the consultants’ help.  We are now able to demonstrate to our customers, insurers and other stakeholders that we have robust plans in place.

We are very satisfied with the work carried out by Inoni and intend to involve them in the future as we continue to develop and improve our planning.”

Tech supplier to the entertainment industry

“We needed to review and then update our plans, which was daunting, but with the help of the Inoni, we achieved our goals and now have a fit for purpose document with all key stakeholders involved and satisfied with the result. The business is now able to move forward in the knowledge that plans are in place which can be shared with customers, suppliers and insurers to provide comfort, professionalism and assurance in the years ahead.

We found the whole process painless, which was mainly down to the skills and talent of the Inoni Consultants involved who did a wonderful job for us and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them and this solution to any other business in the future.”

Specialist manufacturing company

“Our experience of working with Inoni was extremely beneficial, positive and straightforward. Having a team of very experienced and competent consultants assessing the company and its ongoing business continuity requirements has meant the process was a very valuable exercises, and not just a tick-in-the-box.

The flexibility of the Inoni software has meant that it is very simple to keep the relevant details of the Plan up to date. The follow-up support from the Inoni team has also been second to none. Availability via phone and email is always there to provide support.

The Inoni Essentials solution has meant that we have been able to put in place a highly efficient Business Continuity Management System in very good time, satisfying all our stakeholders."

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