Crisis Simulation, Training and Readiness

The more you exercise your plan, the better it will work in a crisis.  An untried plan will inevitably leave you to deal with unexpected blockers, under-prepared staff and, occasionally, showstoppers. 

Training, exercising and simulation using realistic scenarios overcome unfamiliarity and helps you find and fix potential problems.  

Refining content, capability and control with each iteration will help you realise the full value of your business continuity management programme.

How we build capability

We familiarise

We provide your team with proven online training that sets expectations and delivers essential know-how.

We build confidence

We facilitate tabletop exercises where we step through the planned response to each plausible disruption scenario.  This gives team members the opportunity to refine planned decisions, information flows and actions

We challenge

We simulate controlled but realistic disruption scenarios. This provides the (only) opportunity team members may have to respond against deadlines, make mistakes, rewind, and replay critical activity sequences without impacting the business

You improve

We log, analyse, and report on every exercise we undertake, so you can take every lesson on board and continually improve your plan’s content, capability and control.

What it means for your business

Stronger teams

Consistent shared understanding, building as team members interact

Clarity of responsibilities

Balanced essential plan content, enough to guide a competent deputy in each key role

Enhanced confidence

Confidence through repetition, experiencing variation and a range of scenarios

Better team interaction

Test comms and interaction between incident, crisis and operational sub-teams


Provide stakeholder assurance on your ability to respond and recover

Clear pathways

Continual improvement, identifying gaps in arrangements, knowledge and skills

Customer stories

IT Service Impact Analysis and Resilience
In March 2023 Inoni won a competitive tender to provide IT Service Impact Analysis (IT SIA) and resilience consultancy to a reputable UK city University with over 40,000 students and 5,000 staff.
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We engaged with Inoni to overhaul our incident response and business continuity programme. The success of the programme was of high importance to our business leaders, our investors and our financial services clients who rely on our ability to maintain ongoing business operations. Inoni delivered the programme to the highest standards, hitting the all the original objectives of the programme. Inoni clearly demonstrated industry best practice throughout the engagement and their staff were very engaged and friendly throughout. I would highly recommend them for future opportunities.

The work undertaken has permitted us to map our recovery requirements (service catalogue) to our recovery capability through a service & product BIA and fully understand areas of the estate that require investment and development. We are also now in a position to overlay qualitive and quantitative risk modelling to the upstream and downstream impacts of every in-scope asset.

How we do it

For over 20 years we've designed and refined our process, coupled with our powerful software so we can create business continuity plans that work in the real world.
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