Using our purpose-designed software makes managing business continuity much, much easier

Software is rarely a silver bullet when it comes to business continuity planning. It’s often expensive, under-used, and designed to tick the compliance box as a priority.

We approach it differently; we treat software as an enabler to deliver our business continuity services. This has the added benefit that you can continue to use it once your initial BCP project is complete. 

This means you get expert business continuity software, fully populated and supported by genuinely experienced business continuity professionals.

Our software is different

It’s designed by continuity experts

This isn’t an app designed by a start-up with a good idea. It’s been refined over 20 years of delivery for hundreds of clients. So, we know what it needs to do, how our clients use it and what they need.

It’s a Microsoft 365 application

Inoni sits inside your organisation’s Microsoft 365 tenancy. This means it integrates with Word, SharePoint, Teams providing a secure, familiar, seamless and streamlined experience.

We handle the implementation

Our BCP service will deploy, implement, and populate the software for you, so you will receive a working business continuity management system from the start.

You manage content through Microsoft Word

You make changes to your system through Microsoft Word, which means you don’t need to become expert in another piece of software to manage your business continuity documentation.

It syncs with SharePoint and Teams for easier access

Access to the documentation and data is via SharePoint and Teams, making it simple to find what you need, all in one place.

It’s easier to maintain

Maintaining your documentation is one of the biggest challenges we see with BCP. Our software automates the process meaning it’s much faster and less painful.

Customer stories

IT Service Impact Analysis and Resilience
In March 2023 Inoni won a competitive tender to provide IT Service Impact Analysis (IT SIA) and resilience consultancy to a reputable UK city University with over 40,000 students and 5,000 staff.
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The Inoni team have been a breath of fresh air amid a market of competitors offering a legacy approach.  The personable engagement, behavioural knowledge, solution tailoring, along with accessibility and flexibility, leave you with the confidence that you are in the right hands.

Inoni approach the project with a huge amount of professionalism. They prepared well for every interaction with myself as project lead and for every meeting with my senior colleagues. They clearly defined the objectives and timelines and these were always achieved. Its clear the consultant that Inoni provided to run our project had a significant amount of experience.

How we do it

For over 20 years we've designed and refined our process, coupled with our powerful software so we can create business continuity plans that work in the real world.
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