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We provide a suite of customisable business continuity, risk assessment and organisational resilience software applications that are highly adaptive, empowering your team to measure resilience, manage continuity and ultimately reduce the risks you face.

Key Features

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Highly adaptable
Organisations often find their BCM software uncomfortable, forcing professionals along a route they may not wish to take.  Inoni is web-delivered software that can be adapted to fit without code change.  It can be shaped by you so you have the scale, function and features you need.  This means Inoni can keep pace as the business grows or changes.  It reduces delay and compromise. 

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Delivered through the cloud
Organisations need the ability for staff to access their BC plans simultaneously from any location at any time.  Inoni is web-based and accessible wherever an Internet connection and browser are available, including mobile devices.  Inoni output can also be accessed offline via a scheduled or requested download or ‘push’ to your phone in case no connection is available.

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Simulate risks
Inoni uses risk-based ideas in its tools and applications.  This begins with understanding the threats you face and the losses you can sustain.  It builds an organic model of your organisation, linking your marketplace, operating environment and supply chain.  It uses this as the basis for BIA, Risk Assessment, simulation and validation.

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Extend the toolset
Each Inoni package provides access to a range of interlinked resilience tools from BIA to BCP, maturity assessment to supply chain.  Inoni makes it possible for you to design and create your own tools using our Enterprise package.  This means you can create bespoke capability quickly and easily to accommodate new requirements or extended scope.

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Bespoke metrics
Resilience managers need visibility to ensure the organisation’s capability constantly improves.  Inoni was originally designed to benchmark resilience in the UK Finance Sector and this represents a unique aspect of our expertise and software capability.  We offer standard and bespoke measurement tools for benchmarking, capability maturity assessment, gap analysis and specific issue health checks.  This provides supervision and convergence with best practice.

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Hosting options
Organisations have different levels of resilience and automation maturity, so we offer flexible hosting options that reflect this.  We offer customised hosting with options ranging from shared and hosted by us, to fully autonomous under perpetual license.  This satisfies most data residency requirements and helps maximise the value each customer receives. 

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Software options
Inoni Essentials is aimed at medium-sized organisations with up to 1000 staff.    However, some have semi-autonomous subsidiaries where Essentials would provide an economic solution for each.  We have created Inoni Multi to address this.  It provides multiple licenses under a single account, offering an alternative to Inoni Pro and Enterprise.

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Offset license fee
We recognise you can’t derive the full value of a software license whilst it is being configured to fit your organisation.  This process can last from a matter of a few days through to months.   We offer the option of offsetting the license fee payment where the monthly cost is exceeded by consulting fees.  It means you don’t pay twice. 


Software that helps small to mid-size businesses manage their risk.

Business continuity management deals with rare but catastrophic events affecting you and your suppliers.

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Inoni Pro

Professional business continuity management software.

Provides impact analysis and business continuity plans for your whole organisation.

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Inoni Enterprise

A powerful and programmable GRC and resilience-building software platform.

A scalable toolset for complete business continuity and resilience in organisations of any size.

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