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Inoni Pro is a business continuity software platform that provides savings through automation, measurement and consistency. It allows organisations to build comprehensive, practical and standards‐aligned business continuity plans and associated tools. It provides features for workflow and updating as required under a dedicated and secure company account, hosted by Inoni or from your own premises.

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Why choose Inoni PRO?

Highly adaptable

Practical, easy to use outputs

Aligned to standards

Access plans from anywhere

Customised hosting options

Shaped to fit your business

Inoni is delivered with a comprehensive suite of business continuity-related tools and materials that you can start to use immediately. It offers a unique ability to customise and configure, allowing your system to adapt, evolve and constantly improve. This means your BC management system can keep pace with change. It’s never a straitjacket and always fits the business.



Continuity Planning

Captures and supports analysis of all plan‐related information via customisable online questionnaires. This includes data to drive all aspects of emergency or incident response, prioritisation decision support, relocation and resource allocation, objective setting and action plans, plus detailed contact lists. BCP delivers plans to MS Word, online and to smart phone.


Business Impact Analysis

Captures per‐process information via customisable online questionnaires that can be completed by or on behalf of business unit managers. These collect impact, timeframe, dependency and risk information. The BIA delivers customisable professional change‐controlled reports online and to PDF and MS Word with updating graphs and charts.



Inoni supports the customer in completion of the Setup tool to initially scale and configure the BCM toolset. This is accessible via the client manager login and allows import of any pre‐existing location, department, application and other relevant databases.


...and much more

A range of customisation options and function add‐ins are available, including enterprise risk assessment, crisis and incident management, ICT DR and Supply Chain due diligence, plus bespoke tools.

KEY Functionality

the System

  • Secure web sign-on, laptop and mobile
  • Account details and settings
  • Menu, navigator and pinboard
  • Task manager, calendar and reminders
  • Permitted apps, all mainstream browsers


  • Interviews to collect data
  • Data import, export and integration
  • Multi-format flow-controlled questions
  • Scored and weighted KPI
  • Smart Help and FAQs


  • Programmable analysis and content
  • Configurable reports, graphs and charts
  • Multi-form output on/off-line
  • Interactive reporting and crisis response
  • Advisory expert system


  • Configurable dashboard and KPI
  • Review and eSignoff
  • User group control and delegation
  • Version and Change control
  • Document management


  • Bespoke customisation without coding
  • Audit and Archive
  • Workflow, Security, Users and Groups
  • Files and Databases
  • Messages and Notifications
  • Branding and Advertising

Case study

Associated British Ports (ABP) is the largest UK port operator and runs 21 ports along the UK coast, including Southampton, Ipswich and Newport, along with the Hams Hall rail terminal. One of its ports, at Immingham, is the UK’s largest by tonnage. 

This project spans 9 regional directorates, 94 departments, 116 critical processes, 23 sites and 200+ system users. We have provided each department with its own plan, each region with a detailed impact analysis and regional emergency and continuity plan, each key role with a definitive role card, and we have integrated all this with ABP’s pre-existing crisis communications plan to create a seamless whole.


We provide two types of software, depending on size, complexity and budget. Generally, unless you're a Business Continuity practitioner yourself, we recommend that you work with a trained specialist to implement the software. Use the links below to navigate to our consulting solutions for more information. Or alternatively, get in touch with us using the form below.


For organisations who recognise the need for light-touch implementation.

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Pre-configured software that can be customised and adapted to fit your organisation.

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