To be effective, your BCP must cut to the chase, ensuring you have an optimised prepared response to each continuity scenario, recovering critical value streams within business-acceptable deadlines. 

Our approach - designed and refined over 20+ years and hundreds of clients – does this, delivering practical continuity programmes that work.  It ensures we understand what needs to be done and helps us deliver plans that meet those challenges.

A proven, reliable process

Our process revolves around a unique approach that models your business from a resilience standpoint.  It means we quickly and easily gain insight into what really matters for continuity, telling us how fast you must recover from major disruption.

What our process delivers

Business Impact and Risk Analysis

Determines the pace of recovery required to keep losses to a tolerable maximum.  Identifies threats with the potential to cause intolerable harm to the organisation.

Continuity Planning

An adaptive framework for responding to all plausible disruption scenarios. Our plans integrate incident, crisis, and recovery management response.

Continuity Strategies

Detailed recovery solutions to individual scenarios. We create a concise runbook per scenario, defining what must be done and reducing the need to access the full BCP.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Technology recovery optionally integrated within the BC framework to ensure a consistent seamless response. We model infrastructure, networks, applications and accommodate procedure-level recovery.

Cyber Response Runbooks

Runbooks for dealing with prevalent cyber threats including ransomware and exfiltration of company data.

Role Structure

Role cards that sit alongside runbooks, guiding role assignees and tasking them specifically for the current scenario.  This reduces the volume of guidance material required by team members.

Compliance Framework

Quantifies the organisation’s alignment with business continuity best practice (BCI GPG*) and relevant standards (ISO 22301 : 2019)

* Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guide

Crisis Simulation

Exercises appropriate for all aspects and all stages of organisational business continuity maturity, building capability and readiness should disruption occur.


Ensures the business continuity management system is kept up-to-date and complete, reflecting changes in circumstances and identifying improvements and activities.

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