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Use the Micro online tool to complete your BCP in a day. Answer a short set of questions and let Micro instantly turn your plan into a professional PDF document.

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  • Instantly generated PDF plan
  • Unlimited editing
  • Access via Internet browser
  • Software support when you need it
  • Professional review service from Inoni's business continuity specialists


Nobody does Business Continuity Planning for its entertainment value.  Four factors drive us to do it.

Win and retain customers

Satisfy audit or policy requirements

Comply with regulations

Obtain better insurance terms

Completing a Plan is rarely straightforward.  Remember, you're planning to re-create a business that may have taken years to build. Finding and analysing the right data can be a challenge, and without regular upkeep, expect the documents you produce to become outdated within a few months. It can be frustrating.

Inoni Micro supports your business by giving you a quick, affordable and effective way of creating and maintaining a best-practice and robust Business Continuity Plan. It provides a compact version of our powerful Essentials platform aimed at small businesses, saving you time whilst satisfying your requirements.

Why use inoni micro? 


Quick to complete

  • 22 questions, pre-filled with example content
  • Leave and come back whenever you need
  • Help text on every question

Get instant plans

  • Plan generated in seconds, on demand
  • Access whenever you need, from any device
  • Download to PDF

Easy to maintain

  • Plan lives in the cloud for easy access
  • Sign in and make updates whenever things change
  • Plan updates automatically


12 months access to the Inoni Micro software platform
Build your Business Continuity Plan on our robust software platform, it’s easy to use, quick to complete and you get instant generation of your plans into PDF.  Log in any time to retrieve your plans, and easily keep them up to date and relevant. Includes free updates.

Support from our software specialists
Our qualified specialists are here to help you find your way around the software, plus you’ll receive responsive email support.

Expert assistance and advice from Inoni business continuity professionals
We know business continuity and work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. We know what works and what doesn't.  Once you complete your Plans, we'll give them a review to help ensure they are fit for purpose and practical. One review available per year.

What will my plan look like?

On full completion of the tool, your BCP will have the following sections:


Section 1 - Response

  • What to do
  • Who takes control
  • Who to call
  • How to escalate
  • How to respond
  • Where to assemble
  • Assembly points
  • Where to meet
  • Command centres

Section 2 - Organisation

  • Role assignments
  • Roles
  • Communications

Section 3 - Recovery

  • Strategies
  • Diagram
  • Activities
  • Workareas
  • Resources
  • Contacts
  • Emergency Responders
  • Suppliers
  • Customers

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