Business continuity planning for a higher education provider

BCP for Higher Education

“The Inoni team have been a breath of fresh air amid a market of competitors offering a legacy approach.  The personable engagement, behavioural knowledge, solution tailoring, along with accessibility and flexibility, leave you with the confidence that you are in the right hands”

Head of Technology 


The client

Our client is a group of colleges which specialise in the provision of creative education. We were invited to develop their business continuity plan (BCP) and management system to provide governance assurance for stakeholders and ensure it is well-placed to deal effectively with risk and unplanned major disruption. 




Their objectives

  • They wanted a structure and framework for managing major incidents effectively, including cyber attacks.
  • They needed a recovery response for all colleges across all countries.
  • They wanted to be able to test their plans realistically to demonstrate their capability and provide assurance to their stakeholders.

Our approach

Fast and painless delivery of the project

We ran a handful of workshops with key members of the management team to develop an understanding of the clients impact profile, its sensitivities to disruption and the continuity risks that the client faced. Following that, we worked with departments to develop recovery strategies and roles that supported our response to these scenarios. Our consultants then populated the online system, generating draft documentation for evaluation and adoption by the client. 


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Project outcomes

We built a client-dedicated standards-aligned Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

It included the following automated documents:

  • Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment – providing a detailed analysis of the business from a continuity perspective. It identifies critical business services, specifies recovery deadlines in a major incident, and defines the continuity scenarios the business faces and must plan for.
  • Business Continuity Plan – providing a step-by-step decision guide, role-task allocation and information to enable recovery from continuity-threatening incidents. 
    • Scenario runbooks – provides detailed but easy-to-read responses to each identified scenario.
    • Role cards – anyone with a designated BCP responsibility received one of these, detailing their specific role tasks and requirements when responding to a continuity incident.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan - in the same format and integrated with the BCP, the IT DRP included dedicated IT scenario runbooks and IT-specific Role Cards
  • Framework – demonstrating alignment with ISO 22301 and defining the components of the business continuity programme.

Our software accelerated delivery, supporting ongoing maintenance and effective document management

  • Our consultants developed end-to-end standards-aligned documentation using the Inoni SaaS system. 
  • The client can now access to the system to easily manage change themselves.
  • A dependency map helps them visualise their business, identify single points of failures and trace scenario effects on critical business services.
  • All business continuity role assignees have read-only access to the latest version of documents and plan, from any device, anywhere.

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