Business Continuity is frequently treated separately from Enterprise or Operational Risk Management but benefits from using shared concepts, data and delivery mechanisms.

Inoni Advance integrates these three vital disciplines into a unified and automated Resilience Management System, maximising coverage and consistency.

It delivers a light-touch and highly effective resilience management solution, aligned with ISO 31000 and ISO 22301 best-practice standards.


Operational resilience modelling

Graphical dependency mapping that identifies and analyses each relied-on resource in detail.

Risk Management

Quantified risk management helps you to track and report on risk and resilience changes and improvements over time.

Business Continuity Planning

Includes delivery of Essentials for business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning.

Supply chain

Online supplier due diligence audits that help ensure your ability to deliver against tolerances is not undermined by third-parties.

Automate the whole process

Through our Inoni software platform, managed by you and/or our expert consultants.

Demonstrate capability

Design and facilitation of scenario exercise testing, providing validation and governance assurance for all stakeholders.

Customer stories

Business continuity planning for an aerospace manufacturer
“Our experience of working with Inoni during the design and implementation phases of the system and the Business Continuity Plan was extremely beneficial, positive and straightforward. Having an external team of very experienced and competent...
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Business Continuity Planning for a specialist wholesaler
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Inoni. They have been incredibly understanding of our working style, as...
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Inoni are very good at taking a complex subject and breaking it down into translatable topics which made what was a daunting task a lot less so. The workshops that followed were well structured which yielded good engagement and discussion culminating in valuable output. As the project progressed through the business units Inoni very quickly pieced together the overall company structure and its dependencies yielding a well joined up plan and taking much of the heavy lifting out of the process.

The work undertaken has permitted us to map our recovery requirements (service catalogue) to our recovery capability through a service & product BIA and fully understand areas of the estate that require investment and development. We are also now in a position to overlay qualitive and quantitative risk modelling to the upstream and downstream impacts of every in-scope asset.

How we do it

For over 20 years we've designed and refined our process, coupled with our powerful software so we can create business continuity plans that work in the real world.
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