Business Continuity Planning for a specialist wholesaler


  It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Inoni. They have been incredibly understanding of our working style, as well as getting us into a position I never thought we’d achieve with the BCP. It’s supported tender processes, the sale of the business, and given us a lot of confidence that we know what to do when faced with a major incident.


The client

Our client is provides an extensive range of products, equipment and support services to dental & beauty markets in the UK and ROI. 



Their objectives

  • They recognised that they had a number of potential single-points-of-failure and needed a strategy for effectively responding to potential threats
  • They provide next day delivery service, and recognised that an effective BCP is required to effectively respond to major incidents to reduce customer impact 
  • They needed documents capable of withstanding scrutiny by their demanding stakeholders - notably new investors and customer tenders

Our approach

Fast and painless delivery of the project

We provided a consulting service that took the client to a best practice position quickly and with minimum disruption.  We keep the project clear and simple.

We started with a handful of workshops with key members of the management team to understand the organisation, its impact and risk profile, and how to respond to major disruptive scenarios. From here our consultants populated the online system, generating draft documentation for evaluation and adoption by the client. This concentrated first phase was completed in eight weeks.

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Project outcomes

We built a client-dedicated standards-aligned Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

It included the following automated documents:

  • Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment – providing a detailed analysis of the business from a continuity perspective. It identifies critical business services, specifies recovery deadlines in a major incident, and defines the continuity scenarios the business faces and must plan for.
  • Business Continuity Plan – providing a step-by-step decision guide, role-task allocation and information to enable recovery from continuity-threatening incidents. 
    • Scenario runbooks – provides detailed but easy-to-read responses to each identified scenario.
    • Role cards – anyone with a designated BCP responsibility received one of these, detailing their specific role tasks and requirements when responding to a continuity incident.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan - providing a step-by-step decision guide, role-task allocation and information to enable recovery from IT-threatening incidents. 
  • Framework – demonstrating alignment with ISO 22301 and defining the components of the business continuity programme.

This activity was new for many staff, so we aimed to build their knowledge, familiarity and capability gradually and consistently to ensure their response to major incidents is as smooth and effective as possible.

Our software accelerated delivery, supporting ongoing maintenance and effective document management

  • Our consultants developed end-to-end standards-aligned documentation using the Inoni SaaS system. 
  • The client can now access to the system to easily manage change themselves.
  • All business continuity role assignees have read-only access to the latest version of documents and plan, from any device, anywhere.

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