Our BCP packages

We produce plans, strategies and runbooks that address all plausible continuity risks to your business.  Our approach is scalable, meaning we offer a solution for every size and sector.


We call it Micro because it’s the smallest project we can do for you that still delivers on quality.

Micro is designed for lower complexity organisations and those who need a working plan quickly, at minimum effort and cost.

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Essentials provides everything you need for a best practice business continuity management system, but without the cost or long lead time you might expect.

It’s designed for organisations who are looking for a comprehensive programme. It’s optimised for  moderate-to-high complexity and/or those who need to align more closely with standards.

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Advance takes a step beyond the Essentials business continuity management system, expanding so it includes organisational resilience.

It’s designed for organisations who want to systematically harden their operations, integrating continuity, operational, and enterprise risk management within a unified self-consistent framework

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We include IT Disaster Recovery and Cyber Response Planning

As part of our projects and where required, we provide bespoke IT disaster recovery and cyber-specific runbooks, collectively supporting response and recovery from IT and cyber disruption.

Our approach delivers a fully joined-up business-IT response covering major incident types such as application loss, data centre outage, ransomware, data breach and SaaS outage, whilst identifying opportunities for improvement.

Make it a programme, not a project

Business continuity planning is often be treated as a point-in-time project, but ideally, it should live and evolve alongside the organisation, accommodating change and building maturity. We support our clients far beyond the initial phases of business continuity planning, ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of their business continuity management programme, delivering in three essential ways:

  • Creating Content – developing and maintaining high quality, standards-aligned Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plans, IT Disaster Recovery Plans and Runbooks.
  • Building Capability – designing and delivering online training modules, role training, tabletop exercises and crisis simulations.  Together these build capability in people, ensuring the plan works and has no gaps.
  • Maintaining Control – providing reviews that ensure the business continuity management system is kept up-to-date and continually developing, reflecting changes in circumstances, and identifying improvement opportunities.

Customer stories

Business Continuity Planning for a specialist wholesaler
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Inoni. They have been incredibly understanding of our working style, as...
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Business continuity planning for an aerospace manufacturer
“Our experience of working with Inoni during the design and implementation phases of the system and the Business Continuity Plan was extremely beneficial, positive and straightforward. Having an external team of very experienced and competent...
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Business continuity planning for a higher education provider
“The Inoni team have been a breath of fresh air amid a market of competitors offering a legacy approach. The personable engagement, behavioural knowledge, solution tailoring, along with accessibility and flexibility, leave you with the confidence...
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Trusted by

We were impressed by Inoni’s initial assessment of our needs for a comprehensive business continuity plan. The process itself was very focussed, provoked thought within our management team and was led by Inoni’s consultant in a manner that encouraged management engagement and kept the process moving.

Our experience of working with Inoni was extremely beneficial, positive and straightforward. Having a team of very experienced and competent consultants assessing the company and its ongoing business continuity requirements has meant the process was a very valuable exercises, and not just a tick-in-the-box. The Inoni Essentials solution has meant that we have been able to put in place a highly efficient Business Continuity Management System in very good time, satisfying all our stakeholders.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Inoni. You’ve been so incredibly understanding of our working style. As well as getting us into a position I never thought we’d achieve with the BCP. It’s supported tender processes, the sale of the business, and given us a lot of confidence that we know what to do if it all goes horribly wrong.

How we do it

For over 20 years we've designed and refined our process, coupled with our powerful software so we can create business continuity plans that work in the real world.
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