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Inoni delivers high quality business continuity plans to organisations who need more than a tick-in-the-box, providing assurance to customers, shareholders, regulators and insurers.

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Designed by ISO certified lead impementors and auditors Fast production, delivered to fixed timeframes Automated plans through Inoni software Fixed fee projects


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Inoni provides business continuity expertise on behalf of major organisations

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expert Business Continuity Management Consultants

Inoni is an established provider of continuity consulting and has strong experience in a wide range of sectors. In all cases, we use our software to accelerate and simplify the production of deliverables, reducing time taken, cost and ease of use and maintenance. We also provide training, testing, and awareness-building to help our clients align behaviour and culture with accepted sound practice.

Our solutions help our clients:


    Win and retain customers and support tendering processes

    Satisfy audit requirements and comply with regulations

    Obtain better insurance terms

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We develop programmes that last

We support our clients beyond the initial phases of business continuity planning, ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of the business continuity management programme. We break our support services into three areas - Content, Capability and Control. The following provides an example of what we provide in each of these areas. 


Phase 1:


The development of high quality, standards-aligned documentation, providing the basis for consistency, validation, audit and for use in an incident or emergency.

Our consultants work with you to develop the following content:

Business Impact Analysis
Continuity Risk Assessment
Business Continuity Plan
IT Disaster Recovery Plan
Scenario Runbooks
Role Cards
Management Framework



Phase 2:


The building of capability through training and exercising helping to ensure the plan is validated, has no gaps and that all parties’ actions are coordinated.

Our consultants and our software support your ongoing requirements including:

Training workshops
Online Training Modules 
Tabletop Exercises
Crisis Simulations


Phase 3:


Ensures the business continuity management system is kept up-to-date and continually developing to reflect changes in circumstances and identifying improvements and activities. 

Our consultants and our software support your ongoing requirements including:

Content Reviews
Activity Planning
Risk Improvements
Audit Support
ISO 22301 Support


Our Approach

Our service takes your organisation to a best practice position quickly, affordably and with minimum disruption.  We keep our projects clear and simple, so you know what to expect.BCPProcess


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We engaged with Inoni to overhaul our incident response and business continuity programme. The success of the programme was of high importance to our business leaders, our investors and our financial services clients who rely on our ability to maintain ongoing business operations. Inoni delivered the programme to the highest standards, hitting the all the original objectives of the programme. Inoni clearly demonstrated industry best practice throughout the engagement and their staff were very engaged and friendly throughout. I would highly recommend them for future opportunities.


With the help of the Inoni, we achieved our goals and now have a fit for purpose document with all key stakeholders involved and satisfied with the result. We found the whole process painless, which was mainly down to the skills and talent of the Inoni consultants involved who did a wonderful job for us and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them and this solution to any other business in the future.


We were impressed by Inoni’s initial assessment of our needs for a comprehensive business continuity plan. The process itself was very focussed, provoked thought within our management team and was led by Inoni’s consultant in a manner that encouraged management engagement and kept the process moving.


Our experience of working with Inoni was extremely beneficial, positive and straightforward. Having a team of very experienced and competent consultants assessing the company and its ongoing business continuity requirements has meant the process was a very valuable exercises, and not just a tick-in-the-box. The Inoni solution has meant that we have been able to put in place a highly efficient Business Continuity Management System in very good time, satisfying all our stakeholders”


It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Inoni. They have been incredibly understanding of our working style. As well as getting us into a position I never thought we’d achieve with the BCP. It’s supported tender processes, the sale of the business, and given us a lot of confidence that we know what to do whan faced with a major incident.


We are very satisfied with the work carried out by Inoni and intend to involve them in the future as we continue to develop and improve our planning.

case study

Business Continuity Management for a fast-growing fintech unicorn

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