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How can Business Continuity Planning support setting the correct Business Interruption cover?

Posted by John Basinger on Jan 26, 2018

I recently picked up on a study produced jointly by Swiss Re and Parima, entitled Lessons Learned in Business Interruption. The study deals with BI issues in the Far East but the principles are relevant for the rest of the world. Their conclusion is that Business Continuity Planning has a massive role to play in enabling the insurance broker to assist their client in getting the correct level of BI cover.

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10 factors to consider when setting a Maximum Indemnity Period

Posted by John Basinger on May 31, 2017

In my experience, many businesses in the UK are under-insured. This is particularly true when it comes to Business Interruption (BI) cover where I often see Maximum Indemnity Periods (MIP) of just 12 months. I was a commercial loss adjuster for over 30 years and experienced first-hand just how long it takes to fully recover a business. In most cases, it took much longer than this.

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Guidelines for manufacturers preparing for Brexit

Posted by John Basinger on Mar 15, 2017


I saw this article in Cabinet Maker magazine which discusses the findings of a recent KPMG report into the future of UK manufacture. The report details key practical measures that manufacturers can begin to put in place now to prepare for when the UK exits the EU in 2019. They include:

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A Sideways Look At Business Interruption

Posted by John Basinger on Mar 03, 2017

In my days as a Commercial Large Loss Adjuster, it was always more straightforward to estimate the size of loss for the physical damage, than the business interruption.  

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