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Running a Business Continuity programme

Posted by John Robinson on Oct 18, 2017

Taken from Part 2 of our Business Continuity Blueprint. 

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Nobody does business continuity (BC) for the sake of it, there’s always a good reason and it helps if you understand what’s driving it - not least because you can then set firm success criteria.

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Free business continuity plan templates now available

Posted by Mark Robinson on Jun 30, 2017

We've created comprehensive Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) templates to help newcomers get started with business continuity.

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A beginners guide to the Business Continuity Planning process

Posted by Inoni on Jun 10, 2017

Almost every prudent business, large or small sees wisdom in buying some level of business insurance. We feel comfortable paying a small amount (premium) that will deliver a larger amount (claim) if we suffer a sizeable loss.  

However, insurance won't keep your customers happy whilst they wait for you to rebuild.  It won't organise your people, ensure you can find capacity elsewhere or help you decide how to respond to the challenging conditions you now face.

Business continuity does these things.  It works hand-in-glove with risk management and insurance.  It's not difficult and the guide below explains how to do it.

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Timeframe and Business Impact Analysis in Practice

Posted by John Robinson on Dec 21, 2015

Completing a timeframe analysis or business impact analysis can seem daunting for any size or sector of organisation. A technology resilience and business continuity review which we conducted for a teaching hospital, including a business impact analysis and timeframe analysis, demonstrated some common issues that complex organisations face when putting theory into practice and performing analysis into business impact.

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How to Perform a Timeframe Analysis

Posted by John Robinson on Nov 23, 2015

In our recent review of the ISO 22317 Business Impact Analysis guidelines, I suggested that to perform an effective BIA, business continuity managers would need to give senior management context for creating timeframes and priorities. With that in mind, I thought it might be useful to share a basic, step-by-step guide to performing a timeframe analysis.

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