The solution for managing resilience and business continuity

An easy-to-use business continuity management system

The Operational Challenge

Managers must have a framework for managing resilience and continuity. They need to defend against and plan to recover from all material risks, as well testing, maintaining and improving resulting capability. Doing this well presents challenges:

  • Do you fully understand the business resilience requirement?
  • Do you have the time to design and manage the system?
  • Can you build plans that work to the required level?
  • Are you able to demonstrate an acceptable return on investment?

We Can Help

Inoni provides an adaptable solution tailor-made for delivering practical business resilience and continuity solutions. We operate in four areas each supported by Inoni consultants and our unique platform.


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Provides an environment for analysis, planning and the creation of resilience capability.



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Explains the organisation's risk and impact profile, using it to set targets and deadlines.



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Delivers the organisation's defensive and recovery strategies so they satisfy targets and deadlines.



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Tests the organisation's capability, building confidence and stimulating improvement.

What you get

  • A scalable and adaptable business continuity management system, capable of accommodating multiple multi-function locations, branch structures, outsourced functions and supply chains
  • Full-function business impact and risk analysis (BIA) and business continuity plans (BCP) including emergency response, crisis management, recovery strategy and resumption planning, training and testing management and delivery tools
  • Secure online user, manager and administrator interfaces providing control and oversight over all aspects of system behaviour
  • Alignment with best-practice standards including ISO 22301, ISO 22316, NCEMA 7000
  • Questionnaires and reports that can be configured by you, with selective content delivered online via connected and mobile devices

Our People

We are risk, resilience and continuity specialists; we use the Inoni software platform to capture and automate delivery of our constantly growing expertise.

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Our Software

Inoni is a scalable online business continuity and resilience platform. We call it a platform because you can use it to build tailored solutions without code change.

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Our Approach

We combine your risk appetite and organisational characteristics with our expertise and automation to create a unique blueprint for resilience.

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Geopolitical Continuity Planning

In the face of growing global instability, organisations need to know how to formulate their response options in a robust and workable way, ensuring business continuity.

In this paper, Inoni's Managing Director John Robinson discusses the similarities and differences between geopolitical risks and conventional continuity risks, and how to plan appropriately.

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