Business Impact Analysis

BIA helps you set resilience levels for each part of the organisation, ensuring measures are cost-effective and plans deliver on-time.

What is BIA?

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a brief but intense activity, that sets out clearly the rate of financial, reputation and human loss following any major incident. It tells us how much risk we face and how fast we must restore each operational component to ensure continuity.

It needs to be right. If we set over-generous recovery deadlines, the business may never recover; too conservative and the entire programme can become unachievable or unaffordable. A sound BIA sets each deadline optimally, so the plan fits the business, balancing cost, risk and appetite.

BIA is commercially and legally significant. Many organisations now align with international business continuity standards and expect suppliers to do the same. They know that plans based on guesswork are unlikely to work and may require evidence of formal analysis. Performed well, BIA provides transparency, informs risk management and underwrites continuity plans.

ISO 22317: Business Impact Analysis

We provide an efficient end-to-end service that delivers best-practice BIA. It includes policy-based design that keeps us focused. Interactive seminars and workshops keep you involved but never overloaded. Analysis, modelling and crystal-clear reporting empower you to take appropriate decisive action.

BIA provides a springboard for risk, resilience and continuity. It offers new insights into organisational performance and interaction, cutting across silos and pinpointing concentrations. It demonstrates to stakeholders that their investment is well-protected. It gives them confidence and satisfies governance. Get in touch today to find out more.

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