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The Business Continuity Blueprint Part 3 - Programme Maintenance

Read the final part of the series, looking at how to maintain your Business Continuity programme.

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The Business Continuity Blueprint Part 2 - Your Programme

Read the second of our three-part series, which looks at how to run your Business Continuity programme effectively.

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The Business Continuity Blueprint Part 1- An Introduction

Not sure where to start with Business Continuity Planning? Read the first of our three-part series, which looks at the very basics of what it is, and why your business needs to do it. 

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Geopolitical Risk and Continuity Planning Webinar

Following our popular paper on Geopolitical Continuity Planning, we delved deeper into the subject to help you learn how to become more resilient to global disruptions.


Business Continuity Templates

Download our comprehensive Business Impact and Risk Assessment (BIA) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) templates to get you started in business continuity.





Robotics in manufacturing - The resilience challenge

In this paper, we discuss the effect that a reliance on robotics has on an organisation's resilience, proposing 10 ways to reduce the impact of any robotics downtime.

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In the face of growing global instability, manufacturing organisations need to know how to formulate their response options in a robust and workable way, ensuring business continuity. This paper explains the similarities and differences between geopolitical risks and conventional continuity risks.

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Resilience at Work Whitepaper

In the wake of BS 65000, Business Continuity Managers have been transformed into Resilience Managers, but have things changed or did resilience just become fashionable?

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Organisational Resilience Sample SenseCheck

Put BS 65000 Organisational Resilience into context and begin to understand typical business continuity strengths and weaknesses.

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How risk resilient is your organisation?

All organisations, by their very nature, are at risk of disruption. What will set them apart is their ability to cope.

Assessing the resilience of your organisation now will help you understand your current situation and being the process of improving it.

Assess your organisation's current risk resilience today by downloading our 10-question checklist.

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Inoni Benchmark

INONI offers a secure and intuitive way of building comparative benchmark information and simplifies the end‐user experience whilst delivering an advanced management capability.

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Inoni SenseCheck

Many organisations now own a stable business continuity management capability, having at some point aligned with recognised standards. The box is ticked. We’re in a safe place.

Change and technology together mean that unaided, business continuity managers risk being overwhelmed, and at best we get a hazy view of where we really stand. Faced with this it’s easy to lose track of where we are.

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Measuring BCM

The importance of measuring business continuity systems has never been greater, driven by the need for business continuity managers to demonstrate ROI and by ISO 22301's emphasis on performance monitoring.

The whitepaper delves into:

  • Setting up and managing BCMS
  • Closed-loop control
  • Smart BCMS
  • Avoiding inconsistent KPIs
  • Quantum continuity
  • Capability maturity

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ISO 22317 in Context

The ISO 22317 guidelines represent a significant step forward for the world of business continuity, giving a strong overview of the BIA process.

The guide makes relevant points for any size or kind of organisation, but cannot go into the level of depth required to give detailed, best-practice information for every organisation.

Our whitepaper helps put the guide into perspective, allowing you to:

  • Link BIA and Risk Assessment
  • Scale the BIA to the size and needs of your organisation
  • Prioritise and provide timeframes
  • Leverage scenarios for effective BIA

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Improving Business Continuity

Inoni has been providing business continuity consultancy since 2005 with many years of risk industry experience prior to that. Our customers range from small organisations to multinationals.

We have provided expertise to the finance and insurance sectors, telecommunications, the health service, policing, councils, airlines, manufacturing, retail, online gambling, call centre outsourcing and many others.

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Inoni RES

RES software provides insight into the way your organisation is affected by disruptive events.

RES allows you to experiment with organisational data. It provides:

  • Case-effect representation of dependencies
  • Multiple scenario and strategy definition
  • Layered representation aligned with ISO 22301
  • Sliced representation, allowing segregation of data
  • Time-lapse repeatable simulation runs
  • Quantified analysis
  • And more...

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Inoni Supply

Most organisations apply due diligence checks on suppliers at procurement, but what happens next year… and the year after?

When you have thousands of suppliers it can be difficult to repeat checks on a regular basis.

With Inoni Supply you can automate checks:

  • Test more suppliers
  • in greater detail
  • in less time

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