Operational Resilience for the
Financial Services sector


We provide a consulting service, supported by resilience software, that facilitates the proposed change for your organisation, helping you to achieve compliance quickly and easily whilst giving you the capability to maintain it with relatively low effort.

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An operational resilience solution for financial services and banking firms

We offer an end-to-end consulting solution that helps firms to manage their operational resilience requirements. Our solution will help you:

Identify important business services and set impact tolerances

Identify important business services and set impact tolerances by connecting your stakeholders and customers with the services they rely on, prioritising them for protection and recovery to an appropriate level

Demonstrate capability

Demonstrate capability by designing and facilitating scenario exercise testing, providing validation and governance assurance for all stakeholders

Map relied on resources

Map relied on resources by providing graphical dependency mapping that identifies and analyses each relied-on resource in detail, using a practical model that is easy to visualise, understand, and control

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively by providing the basis for an effective communications response, defining escalation flows, channels, behaviours, and roles

Ensure resilient outsourcing

Ensure resilient outsourcing by running online supplier due diligence audits that help ensure your ability to deliver against tolerances is not undermined by third-parties

Create a self-assessment document

Create a self-assessment document through online assessments, including quarterly review and update, quantified trend dashboard metrics and consistent formal reporting

Fulfil the governance requirement

Fulfil the governance requirement by facilitating and providing frameworks for these important discussions, capturing and reflecting outcomes


Support operational continuity in resolution (OCIR) by mapping critical and essential services received and assisting management of resilience arrangements in resolution


Automate the whole process through our Inoni software platform, managed by you and/or our expert consultants


Our software makes this sustainable

We understand how difficult it is to maintain a programme like this in spreadsheets and documents. All of our consulting projects are built through our software platform, resulting in a quicker, more consistent delivery of materials and delivering a fully automated system for you take on at the end of the project. There are many benefits to using purpose built software:

Integrated and automated management of decision data

Integrated and automated management of decision data allows easier maintenance and presentation of key information

Externally hosted and synced regularly with your internal SharePoint

Externally hosted and synced regularly with your internal SharePoint means all staff can have access to the documentation at all times and unaffected by an incident

Quantified risk management

Quantified risk management helps you to track and report on risk and resilience changes and improvements over time

Documents accessible from any device

Documents accessible from any device enables access from anywhere by staff.

Interactive dependency mapping

Interactive dependency mapping enables visualisation and easy maintenance of your impact data.

Simplified continuity planning

Simplified continuity planning means your recovery plans and strategies use the same data and are easy to deploy

The approach is proven over a decade and our clients value what we do

Our general approach to resilience and continuity is remarkably similar to the approach given by the authorities. We have delivered projects in this way across a wide range of sectors, sizes and complexities, you can view summaries of our recent projects by clicking on the link below.

Recent projects

“We were aware for some time that business continuity planning and resilience was important in order to protect the business and its customers against unforeseen events.  Although we had some limited plans in place, we needed to develop these plans and get more of our management team actively involved in the process.

We have made good progress in this area and have achieved significantly more than we could have done without the consultants’ help.  We are now able to demonstrate to our customers, insurers and other stakeholders that we have robust plans in place.

We are very satisfied with the work carried out by Inoni and intend to involve them in the future as we continue to develop and improve plans.”

Deputy CEO

“We needed to review and then update our plans, which was daunting, but with the help of the Inoni, we achieved our goals and now have a fit for purpose document with all key stakeholders involved and satisfied with the result.

The business is now able to move forward in the knowledge that plans are in place which can be shared with customers, suppliers and insurers to provide comfort, professionalism and assurance in the years ahead.

We found the whole process painless, which was mainly down to the skills and talent of the Inoni Consultants involved who did a wonderful job for us and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them and this solution to any other business in the future.”

IT Director

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