Our unique approach

We combine your risk appetite and organisational characteristics with our expertise and automation to create a unique blueprint for resilience.


Inoni’s motivation is the efficient defence of our clients through expert consulting. We view software as a convenient means to this end. We look to it to automate, simplify, remove inefficiency, save time and improve reliability and consistency. We do not foresee software 'running the show' and ultimately, even with Inoni’s advanced capability, we still insist that major continuity decisions remain informed but never totally driven by the tools we use. We will continue to offer a personal, proactive and exceptional service to our customers. 


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Inoni offers a rich blend of skills, developed and applied over many years, with live projects ensuring we remain current and up-to-date. This means we can confidently address our customers’ resilience requirements, combining a detailed knowledge of standards and management systems with solid technical design, practical application and knowledge transfer.

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We provide a suite of customisable business continuity, risk assessment and organisational resilience software applications that are highly adaptive, empowering your team to measure resilience, manage continuity and ultimately reduce the risks you face.

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Our approach is risk-based and reflects reality. It uses a plain language relational model that represents the organization as a collection of interrelated risk assets or entities. These are defined at a level that satisfies the organisation’s risk management objectives. The model then allows us to simulate continuity risks, exploring their effects before planning a response.

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