Cyber Incident Response Planning

Having a high quality cyber response plan helps your organisation reduce the impact of a major incident whilst satisfying key stakeholders such as customers, insurers and regulators.

Inoni develops bespoke cyber response runbooks for organisations, providing a step-by-step business and technical response to a major cyber incident.

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Inoni provides expertise on behalf of major organisations

NFU Mutual

experts in developing effective responses to major incidents

Inoni is an established provider of continuity consulting and has strong experience in a wide range of sectors. We are retained by leading insurers such as NFU Mutual and Axa, and by major brokers such as Aon and Aston Lark to provide practical resilience solutions for their customers. 

In all cases, we use our software to accelerate and simplify the production of deliverables, reducing time taken, cost and ease of use and maintenance. We also provide training, testing, and awareness-building to help our clients align behaviour and culture with accepted sound practice.


Our Cyber Response Planning service 

We provide clients with bespoke cyber-specific runbooks addressing recovery from selected major cyber incidents, collectively supporting the recovery of multiple affected applications or databases.

We identify risks where current or available cyber solutions may not be wholly effective and where we believe business workarounds or investment may be justified, proposing improvements for consideration in each case.

Most businesspeople view cyber as IT’s problem, whereas in fact, it’s the business that is faced with keeping customers, media, and regulators happy.  Your crisis team needs to know how to minimise cyber impact and buy IT the time it needs to recover.  

Our approach delivers a fully joined-up business-IT response, providing cyber runbooks covering the following major incident types:


ransomware (1)



Data breach


SaaS Outage

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Each runbook covers the following stages of response and recovery


Immediate staff and IT response


Immediate IT reaction and containment procedures


Crisis escalation procedures


Crisis management, comms strategy, response strategy

IT Recovery

Checklists, timeframes, and priorities for recovery of systems

Operational Recovery

Options for offline recovery of key activities and processes

Return to Normal

Failback process, lessons learned, reporting


Our Approach

We offer a  service that takes your organisation to a best practice position quickly, affordably and with minimum disruption.  We keep our projects clear and simple, so you know what to expect. 

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Cyber is one of a handful of continuity risk scenarios faced by your business.  An integrated approach covering all scenarios delivers consistency, familiarity, value and a better response.  Contact us to find out more about how we can help you do this.

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