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Inoni Pro

A powerful customised toolset providing savings through automation, measurement and consistency.

Complete customisation

Inoni Pro is completely customisable without programming.

It means that, whatever your methodology, Inoni Pro aligns with the way you think and can fit seamlessly within your business.

Modular and scalable

Our solution grows and adapts with your business, however complex, however large.

Because Inoni Pro is a modular solution it can adapt and change as your business does.

Fast adoption at low cost

Inoni Pro is a browser based application. It means lower adoption costs and global access from day one.

Inoni works in the cloud giving your organisation access on a global scale.

Get up and running faster

With minimal training required, Inoni Pro can be implemented quickly.

Reduce the costs usually associated with compliance and risk management.

Take your first step to improved business continuity

Talk to Inoni about your business requirements and challenges, and we will identify how your organisation could be more resilient and risk-ready.

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