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A practical guide to Business Continuity Planning

An Introduction to BCP
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Understand the value that a well maintained Business Continuity Plan can bring to your organisation.

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To accompany the launch of our new Blueprint for Business Continuity, join our webinar series for a practical guide to Business Continuity Planning.

Part 1 will cover:

  • How continuity risk works
  • Continuity risk categories to consider
  • Our risk and resilience model
  • Relationship with insurance



The Presenter

John Robinson
Managing Director, Inoni

John is a business continuity professional with over 20 years’ continuity-related consultancy and software experience. He has provided expertise to organisations worldwide, delivering technology and business-related resilience solutions to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The Business Continuity Blueprint

The Blueprint - A practical guide to Business Continuity

Read the guide here