Business Continuity Planning for a Building Services firm

Building Services BCP

Recently, we had the privilege of working with Forth Building Services on a project aimed at improving resilience through effective business continuity planning. In this post, we’ve looked into the project drivers, our approach, and the overall experience.

The driving forces behind the project were twofold:

  1. Improving Organisational Resilience: the client recognised the need to enhance their resilience in the face of challenges. By implementing robust processes and systems, they aimed to withstand disruptions and maintain business continuity.
  2. ISO Standard Compliance: Meeting ISO standards is crucial for any organisation committed to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The client sought to align their practices with ISO requirements.

Why Inoni?

Richard Battley, Group Health and Safety Director: “our decision to collaborate with Inoni was informed by our previous positive experience. Having worked together before, we were impressed with the quality of their deliverables. Trust and familiarity played a significant role in our choice.”

Our team worked closely with the client, providing support and guidance at every stage. We understood the importance of meeting objectives promptly and efficiently.

“Inoni’s approach was professional, solution-focused, and supportive. They truly understood our needs.”.”

Our approach to the project involves five clearly defined stages:

  1. Discovery and information collection
  2. Workshop 1: Value Stream Analysis and Impact Analysis
  3. Workshop 2: Continuity Strategies and Planning
  4. Deliverables: Our consultants then developed the documentation, including:
      • An impact and risk assessment
      • The procedures to be implemented in the event of defined scenarios
      • Emergency response / incident management procedures
      • Procedures to recover the business to pre-agreed minimum levels of service / operations and timeframes
      • Arrangements for supporting long-term recovery of the business.
      • Improvements list for ongoing risk management.


"Inoni completely met the objectives of the business.”

At Inoni, we believe that strong partnerships lead to exceptional results. The project exemplifies our commitment to excellence, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact.


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