Business Continuity Planning with a housing association

BCP for Housing Association


Our client, a housing association, identified a need to update their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure it accurately reflected their needs. They chose to work with Inoni, who came highly recommended by their insurance broker.


The project was carried out in several stages:

  1. Value Stream Analysis: We defined what an unacceptable level of impact means to the client in terms of financial, reputational, and production levels. We analysed the critical stakeholders and their dependencies on the business, understanding their sensitivity to loss. This helped define priorities and timeframes for the recovery of each service/value-stream.

  2. Impact Analysis: We mapped the critical processes delivering each product-line/value-stream and the resources required for each (staff, systems, materials, equipment, infrastructure, suppliers). Each component inherits a timeframe for which they must be recovered in order to avoid an unacceptable impact.

  3. Risk Assessment: We identified the risks that threaten the required recovery timeframes identified above. For each risk, we identified the effect of each, enabling us to develop continuity scenarios to plan for.

  4. Recovery Strategies: We developed and formalised the strategy for recovering services/value-streams from each continuity scenario identified, in the timeframes required.

  5. BC Plan Development: We developed a role structure and processes for delivering incident response, crisis response, and recovery.

  6. Improvements: We identified key improvements to be implemented to improve resilience and recovery capability.


Inoni collaborated with the housing association to craft a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This comprehensive plan encompassed vital aspects such as emergency response, crisis management, and business recovery strategies. It meticulously detailed an impact and risk assessment, outlined procedures for various scenarios, established emergency response and incident management protocols, defined recovery procedures to restore the business to predetermined service levels within set timeframes, devised strategies for long-term business recovery support, and presented a list of enhancements for continual risk management.


The housing association was very satisfied with the outcome of the project. The benefits of working with Inoni became evident when the association experienced a cyber-attack. Although no data was compromised, the association was able to effectively respond and recover by referring to the BCP that Inoni helped them develop. It proved to be an invaluable tool in their time of need.

Client Feedback 

The housing association rated their experience of working with Inoni as 5 out of 5 and expressed their satisfaction with the project’s outcome. Here is the direct quote from the client:


"Inoni came highly recommended by our insurance broker. Their team was deeply engaged and demonstrated a high level of expertise in the subject matter. Their approach was professional, and their delivery was timely and efficient.
We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project. The benefits of working with Inoni became evident when we recently experienced a cyber-attack. Although no data was compromised, we were able to effectively respond and recover by referring to the Business Continuity Plan that Inoni helped us develop. 
Overall, our experience of working with Inoni was excellent. We would rate it a 5 out of 5 and would not hesitate to recommend their services to others."


This case study demonstrates Inoni’s commitment to delivering high-quality, practical solutions that meet their clients’ needs and help them navigate challenging situations effectively.