Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment

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Understand the dynamics that underpin resilience

Imagine you walk into an office and meet the insurance manager. You find he’s been tasked with writing the organisation’s continuity plan and has highlighted three things he needs to know; first, where he can get best value from his budget. Second, how fast does the organisation need to resume each product line after a major incident; and third, what scenarios should he plan for.

The answers to these must be on the money.  They can't be approximate.  If you miss a scenario, you could be sunk (metaphorically and for real).

We help you answer these questions through:

Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis
setting priorities and timeframes for recovery

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment
defining continuity risks and scenarios

Resilience Gap Analysis

Resilience Gap Analysis
identifying opportunities for improvement

Continuity Strategy Analysis

Continuity Strategy Analysis
determining the best response to disruption


Our customers benefit from state-of-the-art thinking. We can shape and apply our best-practice framework so it accurately fits your organisation. Your solution can be bespoke, you can take control and not be tied-down or wait for the next release to realise your needs. You become responsive to change and capable of reflecting new ideas.


We are risk, resilience and continuity specialists; we use the Inoni software platform to capture and automate delivery of our constantly growing expertise.

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Our Software

Inoni is a scalable online business continuity and resilience platform. We call it a platform because you can use it to build tailored solutions without code change.

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Our Approach

We combine your risk appetite and organisational characteristics with our expertise and automation to create a unique blueprint for resilience.

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