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A beginners guide to the Business Continuity Planning process

Posted by Inoni on Jun 10, 2017

Almost every prudent business, large or small sees wisdom in buying some level of business insurance. We feel comfortable paying a small amount (premium) that will deliver a larger amount (claim) if we suffer a sizeable loss.  

However, insurance won't keep your customers happy whilst they wait for you to rebuild.  It won't organise your people, ensure you can find capacity elsewhere or help you decide how to respond to the challenging conditions you now face.

Business continuity does these things.  It works hand-in-glove with risk management and insurance.  It's not difficult and the guide below explains how to do it.

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ISO 22301 - Measuring your BCMS. why do it?

Posted by Inoni on Feb 07, 2017

ISO 22301 proposes that organisations adopt the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Model, a form of closed-loop control system.  This is recognised by Deming as the fundamental core of most management systems, which themselves have the effect of ‘breathing life’ into otherwise one-shot business initiatives.  Compare the benefit of writing a one-off continuity plan that quickly becomes obsolete and useless, with one that is kept up-to-date and continually improved. 

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DOWNLOAD: BS 65000 – Organisational Resilience at Work

Posted by Inoni on Mar 10, 2016

Our latest whitepaper is a guide to organisational resilience as it relates to BS 65000. According to the British Standard Institute, organisational resilience is “…a strategic objective intended to help an organization survive and prosper …the ability to anticipate, prepare, respond and adapt… to minor everyday events to acute shocks and chronic or incremental change”.

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