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A Resilient Approach to Brexit

Posted by John Robinson on Aug 02, 2016

This is a guide to Brexit, covering both its implications for business continuity and some practical guidance for minimising its business impact.

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Post-Brexit: What Now for Resilience and Business Continuity?

Posted by John Robinson on Jun 27, 2016

Depending on your point of view, news about the UK’s departure from the EU may represent a potential problem, a golden opportunity or a source of bemusement.  But what does it mean for organisational resilience and business continuity

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New Case Study: Business Continuity and Resilience for ABP

Posted by John Robinson on Apr 26, 2016

Over the past 18 months, Inoni has been engaged in a project to help Associated British Ports (ABP) create business continuity plans, improving their resilience and ability to deal with emergency situations.

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Tags: Business Continuity Management, Resilience

What is a Capability Maturity Model?

Posted by John Robinson on Apr 04, 2016

The Capability Maturity Model is a model for improving organisational processes such as software development, and has practical applications for business continuity management and organisational resilience.

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DOWNLOAD: BS 65000 Organisational Resilience Sample Report

Posted by John Robinson on Jan 05, 2016

Our latest download is a sample of our BS 65000 Organisational Resilience SenseCheck Report, which offers organisations insight into the level of their resilience across key areas, as well as highlighting opportunities to improve resilience and business continuity planning.

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