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Inoni launches Business Continuity Planning software for small businesses

Posted by Mark Robinson on January 25, 2018

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This week, Inoni launched the latest product in their suite of Business Continuity Planning tools for SMEs. Inoni Micro, built specifically for organisations up to 50 employees, offers a scaled-back and easy to complete online tool for managing a Business Continuity Plan.

Inoni claim it can be completed in under a day. The tool consists of 21 simply worded questions, each with a large amount of supporting information supplied to help the user understand the subject and to answer the question effectively. It produces an instant BCP accessible in html and PDF format, and the plans live in the cloud for easy access anywhere and from any device. Making amendments to the plans is quick and straightforward, and the changes are instantly reflected in the BCP document.

Inoni are keen to make sure that organisations get the best out of the tool. Whilst the product is very much “DIY”, they are offering a free expert review of the completed plan, to ensure that it does the job.

“We recognised the need for even the smallest of organisations to do Business Continuity” says John Robinson, Inoni MD. “Inoni Micro is a scaled back version of our Essentials toolset and makes planning extremely straightforward. It’s something that can be revisited every year with minimal disruption to the business.” John also adds “we know there are free tools out there which offer the same thing, but our experience suggests these are cumbersome, and difficult for the layman to complete without expert guidance. We think Inoni Micro solves this problem”.

Inoni Micro is on sale at £495 (+ VAT) and can be purchased over the phone for instant access. To find out more, visit



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