Business Continuity solutions for small business

Painless and affordable business continuity to satisfy your organisation’s insurance, audit or governance requirement

Not every organisation wants to make a meal out of business continuity

The company needs business continuity and you've been handed the task and a deadline. 

You want a quick, easy and inexpensive solution that doesn't waste people's time. But it must work.

We can help. We've designed three solutions to satisfy even the smallest of budgets. 

FREE Toolkit

Free business continuity templates if you just want to dip your toe in the water.



Essentials S

Online business continuity software, plus 8 hours of expert tuition delivered to you via video conference.


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Essentials M

Quick and effortless business continuity, delivered to you by an Inoni expert

from £5,750

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Free guides to get you started

Start your foray into Business Continuity by downloading these templates. We've created two for you, a Business Impact Analysis and a Business Continuity Plan, providing a solid foundation for you to build on.


Templates can be tricky

Organisations are complex beasts, especially where there are many customers, products, processes, resources and suppliers to consider.  

So bear in mind a template is just that, an empty vessel for you to populate with no responsive guidance.  Getting all the right material in there is entirely down to you.

Business continuity software automates, helps you manage the complexity and is pre-populated with best-practice material.  It makes planning much easier.


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Essentials S

For small businesses on a budget

We designed this package to make business continuity software more affordable. It provides a standard Inoni Essentials software license (Phone Book, Risk Assessment, Impact Analysis, Planning and maintenance) but leaves the legwork to you.

Don't panic.  We already explained that delivering a business continuity programme isn't the most straightforward job, so we'll provide up to  8 hours' virtual consultancy (via video conference) to get you started. We'll use this to show you how to use the software, answer the questions, and populate the plan. We'll also give you a brief introduction to business continuity management.


First year price

Subsequent annual fee


Max employees




What you get in the package

toolset icon.png

Business Continuity Tools

Phone book

Risk Assessment

Business Impact Analysis



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Inoni Automated Software

Automates your business continuity plan

Easily update the system as your organisation evolves

Download plans and documents to MS Word

View plans on any device

12 month license for a single site

experts icon.png

Consultancy and Support

8 hours virtual consultancy 

An introduction to business continuity

12 months' telephone and email support

An introduction to the software and online user manual

Guidance with responses and strategies

six benefits of using inoni essentials s for your business continuity


It's everything you need to run a business continuity program


It's automated, which means it's quick to do, and quick to maintain


It's pre-populated with ideas, which means we have put lots of best-practice in there already


We're committed to helping you. We won't just leave you to it


There are no hidden costs. We charge one fee, and it lasts you the year.


Probably the best value business continuity solution available


Pay a little more and we'll do it for you


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Essentials M

For small businesses who want continuity quickly, expertly and without fuss

This solution includes a one-day site visit by an Inoni consultant who then populates the Essentials software expertly on your behalf, including all standard Inoni Essentials license components (Phone Book, Risk Assessment, Impact Analysis, Planning and Maintenance) all to Good First Draft and fully supported.  

Assigning a dedicated consultant to complete the task is very beneficial for you, injecting professional insight and experience that may not otherwise be available.  They will also apply and share Inoni's unique resilience methodology so we get the job done quickly and to a high standard, with negligible disruption to your time.


First year price


Subsequent annual fee


Max employees





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Site Visit

Up-front collection and review of relevant data

Meeting with programme sponsor and site tour

Introduction to business continuity and the Inoni methodology

Analysis, strategy and planning workshops

Washup discussion

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Delivery of workshops

Analysis of collected information

Software population

Review and quality assurance

Expert advice

planning icon white.png


Business impact analysis report

Continuity risk assessment report

Business continuity strategies and plans

Video walkthrough the BCP

12 months' expert support



Our consultants use the software to deliver powerful results, quickly. We can complete a project in less than 8 weeks


We know you are busy, so our approach means we take as little of your time as possible


You get online access to plans for 12 months, so you can easily make updates


No hidden costs. We charge a flat fee reflecting the scale of the task


You get access to our unique methodology so you understand what we're doing


Our process is approved by insurers and brokers. It may help you negotiate better premiums 


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