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A Resilient Approach to Brexit

Posted by John Robinson on August 2, 2016

NEW DOWNLOAD: A Resilient Approach to Brexit

This is a guide to Brexit, covering both its implications for business continuity and some practical guidance for minimising its business impact.

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Although the possibility of Brexit was on the cards for many months and even years before the referendum in June most organisations, including the UK government, had few plans in place for the possibility of Brexit occurring. Now, organisations in the public and private sectors alike are having to move quickly to assess, plan for and adapt to the changes that leaving the EU will bring.

Taking guidance from existing resources such as ISO 22301 – Business Continuity and ISO 22317 – Business Impact Analysis, our latest download suggests approaches to understanding and planning for Brexit. By systematically analysing the macro-environment, and repositioning accordingly, organisations can develop the capabilities that they will require to ensure that they continue to operate effectively through any turbulent times in the run up to and period after Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is put into effect.

Use of scenarios is well understood in the world of business continuity consultancy as a means of assessing possible risks and their implications. Alongside business continuity planning software, they can help organisations to get a clear picture of how Brexit may impact their markets, operations and supply chain. Once these have been established, strategies can be created that will help the organisation tackle them should they arise.

By developing strategies to combat risk outcomes, organisations become more resilient, meaning that they are not only well placed to overcome adverse conditions, but less likely to be impacted negatively in the first place.

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