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With significant experience in business continuity management consulting, John Robinson shares his insight.

Geopolitical Continuity Planning in Manufacturing Industries

Posted by John Robinson on Feb 07, 2017

"I was recently tasked with writing a business continuity plan for a manufacturing organisation with critical production facilities close to a conflict zone.  This prompted me to write a paper about geopolitical resilience.  The organisation’s executive was positioning it for investment and wanted to be seen to be managing that aspect of risk.  They recognised the situation, the way investors might regard it and the potential need to resume in a planned, acceptable way if disruption occurred.  The focus was strongly on geopolitical risks whilst still planning for conventional natural perils. "

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Business Continuity vs Organisational Resilience

Posted by John Robinson on Aug 30, 2016

Over the last few years, many organisations have ‘upgraded’ their Business Continuity Manager roles to Resilience Manager positions. However, it’s not clear whether the function or the expertise required to support it have actually changed. Has one term simply been used to replace the other, and if it has, is vital nuance being lost?

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A Resilient Approach to Brexit

Posted by John Robinson on Aug 02, 2016

This is a guide to Brexit, covering both its implications for business continuity and some practical guidance for minimising its business impact.

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New Case Study: Business Continuity and Resilience for ABP

Posted by John Robinson on Apr 26, 2016

Over the past 18 months, Inoni has been engaged in a project to help Associated British Ports (ABP) create business continuity plans, improving their resilience and ability to deal with emergency situations.

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DOWNLOAD: BS 65000 – Organisational Resilience at Work

Posted by Inoni on Mar 10, 2016

Our latest whitepaper is a guide to organisational resilience as it relates to BS 65000. According to the British Standard Institute, organisational resilience is “…a strategic objective intended to help an organization survive and prosper …the ability to anticipate, prepare, respond and adapt… to minor everyday events to acute shocks and chronic or incremental change”.

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