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A Resilient Approach to Brexit

Posted by John Robinson on Aug 02, 2016

This is a guide to Brexit, covering both its implications for business continuity and some practical guidance for minimising its business impact.

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Free tools for planning your disaster recovery strategy

Posted by John Robinson on Dec 02, 2015

INONI has teamed up with disaster recovery (DR) specialist Databarracks, to help them design and offer a suite of free DR planning tools.

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Business Impact Analysis vs Risk Assessment

Posted by John Robinson on Nov 17, 2015

For any ISO-compliant organisation that seeks to protect itself against threats and hazards, both Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment are imperative to business continuity management.

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Tags: Risk, Business Impact Analysis, Small Business

Compliance Box-Checking, Leadership and Risk: TBM SIG

Posted by John Robinson on Aug 25, 2015

The Total Business Metrics Special Interest Group met monthly to assist business continuity  professionals connect, share challenges and best practices and improve their work, led by business continuity consultant John Robinson.

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Business Continuity Planning - Like Eating an Elephant

Posted by John Robinson on Jun 23, 2015

Business continuity management is a big animal and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to digest even one tenth of it at a single sitting. This isn’t too surprising in a discipline that aims to facilitate rebuilding the core of an organisation in just a few short days.

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