Business Continuity Case Studies

Examples of Business Continuity Management, Resilience Capability Development and Business Impact Analysis in action.

Building Business Continuity and Emergency Planning

Posted by John Robinson on April 26, 2016

The company

Associated British Ports (ABP) is the largest UK port operator and runs 21 ports along the UK coast, including Southampton, Ipswich and Newport, along with the Hams Hall rail terminal. One of its ports, at Immingham, is the UK’s largest by tonnage. 

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Raising Business Continuity Awareness

Posted by John Robinson on July 29, 2015

Using business continuity software, training and strategy to create value

Few organisations have a dedicated business continuity resource, and even those that do can find themselves underprepared for emergencies when they arise. When reality kicks in and serious events place an organisation in the public spotlight, knowing how to respond can make an immense difference, potentially preserving or damaging a reputation that has taken years to build. With business continuity training, an organisation can build risk resilience and capability without distracting or disrupting normal activities.  This case study explains how our business continuity consultancy helped Zurich Global UK, a corporate risk management and financing provider, achieve this.

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Breaking Down Business Impact Silos

Posted by John Robinson on July 29, 2015

How business continuity management training fostered interdepartmental understanding.

With the help of business continuity consultancy from Inoni, Reed & Mackay Limited, a high-end City-based travel agency, carried out a highly cost-effective and innovative Business Impact Analysis, en route to ISO 22301 certification.  

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Risk Assessment Simulation

Posted by Inoni on July 29, 2015

Our RES Risk Assessment Software allowed simulation of scenarios and impacts, saving money and reducing risk.

In this study our client was a utility supply authority, pivotal in its marketplace and answerable to multiple industry participants.  It is required by them to uphold strict codes of governance, which include effective business continuity management.  As part of a periodic review, INONI was invited to produce and present the next generation of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and propose a new Business Continuity Strategy (BCS) to reflect the organisation’s rapidly evolving operation, infrastructure and technology.

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Gaining ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation

Posted by John Robinson on July 29, 2015

How INONI helped our client gain the ISO 22301 Business Continuity accreditation.

Our client provides technology, Call Centre and other outsourced services to a large metropolitan City Council and many other public and private sector organizations, including highly visible and sensitive Government authorized services.  Many demand high levels of security and integrity, often dealing with highly personal, sensitive and time-critical information.  Recognizing this, in 2007, our client decided to embark on a business continuity management (BCM) programme to ensure its services could never suffer unacceptable disruption from any cause.  In addition to everyday risks, the scenarios covered include the real and potentially catastrophic impacts arising from ‘standard’ insurable hazards such as fire and flood, and also from less obvious 21st century threats such as information loss or corruption, critical utility failure and terrorism.

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